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Great websites begin with proper message prioritization on the home page.

In our last blog entry, we analyzed a web home page for a similar product in this category. The advertiser had managed to get just about everything wrong that one could possibly get wrong.

Now here’s one that does web direct marketing close to just right.

The main visual is that of a fallen senior. Some might argue that as women in this age group substantially outnumber men , the visual should be that of a woman. I would beg to differ. A man wearing this pendant “gives permission” for men to use an “unmanly” piece of jewelry, while not hurting sales to women one bit. Falls are a major problem for everyone in this age group. It nicely emphasizes that anyone can be afraid of falling.

The telephone number is quite prominent. I have always argued that it’s much more important to make your sales proposition first: if you make it effectively, you don’t have to overly emphasize the contact method and draw away from making your case. That’s the one area where the page could stand some improvement, but I can’t argue with tying the cost reassurance copy to the phone number. With so many of their prospects on fixed incomes, it’s great to be able to tell them that there’s nothing to buy, no long term contract, and no hidden fees. Equally important, it’s from a trusted name like Philips.

No commitment. A trusted name. A product that can save your life. What’s not to like?

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